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The School's Calendar can be a very busy thing indeed.  While it is good to make the entire web calendar available on your website, you may wish to highlight only a few, really important events.
The Priority Calendar View does just that.  It will display only those events marked as urgent in FirstClass (instructions below) in an attractive list view for the home page.

The steps below explain how to make events in your calendar work with the priority calendar view.
Note: If you wish to make an existing event a priority event, go directly to Step 2

Step 1)  Create a New Calendar event and enter a description of the event - keep the description brief but meaningful.  Set the color if you wish, and, although often overlooked with events, enter as much description, images, links etc that you wish to have associated with the event in the white page body area below the calender event form.   

click on the images to view them full size

Close and save the event.  You must do this with new events before going to Step 2).

Step 2) Open the event and click on the Message menu item, then on the Priority sub-menu option, and then click the Priority Urgent option

Step 3) Check that the new event is listed on your website