42115_104103_2.pngThe School Logo    42315_12247_0.jpg

The School's logo is a transparent image that is made to fit the header area of the web page while letting the textured background image show through.  The image size for Elementary and Middle schools is the same with dimensions of 126 pixels high and up to 300 pixels wide.  The width of the image is flexible, however the height is not, and using an image with a different height will move the Header Links bar higher or lower on the page.

For Middle and Elementary schools, the logo must be a transparent 24 bit png file named logo.png and the file must reside in the root site's SiteImages folder


For High Schools, a different method is used and the image is much larger and takes the form of a banner.  High School banner images must be a jpg image that is about 300 pixels high and exactly 1150 pixels wide and stored in the Siteimages folder of the root container with the name bnr_lft.jpg